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Ovivo Mobile Review

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Calls Texts Data MMS Voicemail 0800 0870











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Ok been good so far and Ovivo seem to be growing pretty fast, But they just recently cut down what you get for FREE  (see below for the new figures).

They have also recently started bundles in which you can buy bigger packages, these range from from £5 to £25 (further down page you wil lfind the bundles).

Please note to get the sim you have to pay £10 but this is credited to the account as £10 phone credit!

The Freedom Package

50 mins (any network)

50 text (any network)

100mb data

ALL FOR FREE (you just have to view an advert when you go on your phones mobile brower)


Calls Texts Data MMS Voicemail 0800 0870
£0.06p £0.06p £0.06p £0.30p £0.06 £0.12 £0.06p

Below is a snap shot taken from there website of what they are about

What is Ovivo Mobile?

Ovivo Mobile is what is known as a Mobile Virtual Network. Our service is basically like other mobile phone services, but we are an independent company, using Vodafone UK’s network. We are a SIM only, Pre-Paid mobile service, which means that you don’t need to sign up to any contracts or make any long term commitments to our service.

Why is Ovivo Mobile different from other services?

Ovivo Mobile breaks from the traditional method of providing phone services. By signing up to our service, you give us permission to use your data for marketing and analytical purposes. Using this information, we will push mobile advertising in a non-intrusive manner to your phone. By doing this, we are able to give each of our customers a generous amount of free usage each month, with no monthly commitment or minimum top-ups for our core service.

So, what about privacy if you’re using my data?

Rest assured, we will never breach privacy and only use your information anonymously. We use your information to know about which services you value and your current location, to show you relevant advertising. However, we do not disclose your name, address or mobile number to 3rd parties.

What kind of advertising will I see?

Initially, you will only see advertising when you open up the browser on your Smartphone to browse the Internet. Each time you do, you will see the Ovivo Mobile home page with some featured adverts and applications.  In the future, we will carefully introduce new forms of advertising once we tested them thoroughly to ensure that we don’t interfere with your mobile experience.

Even though our service is only for 18+ year olds, we will not display any adult content to any of our customers.

Bundles / Add-ons

Name Minutes Texts Data Price Description
Ovivo 5 100 100 300 £5.00

100 UK minutes 
100 UK texts
300mb Internet

Ovivo 10 250 250 1000 £10.00

250 UK minutes 
250 UK texts
1gb Internet

Ovivo 15 400 400 1000 £15.00

400 UK minutes 
400 UK texts
1gb Internet

Ovivo 20 800 800 1000 £20.00

800 UK minutes 
800 UK texts
1gb Internet

Ovivo 25 1500 1500 1000 £25.00

1500 UK minutes 
1500 UK texts
1gb Internet

Ovivo Texter 100 1000 1000 £15.00

100 UK minutes 
1000 UK texts
1gb Internet


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