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Dialog Vizz Mobile Review

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Calls Texts Data MMS Voicemail 0800 0870








10MB free per day as long as you have at least £2 credit.




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When compared to the major mobile networks, Dialog Vizz offer fantastic value for money. Using 60 minutes of calls and sending 25 texts from a Dialog Vizz sim card as opposed to a O2 sim card will save you £10.35. Cheaper calls to other Dialog Vizz number as well as landlines will save you further money.

Dialog Vizz runs on the Vodafone infrastructure, which means that their coverage is excellent. Their rates are also much cheaper than Vodafone.

One thing to be aware of is that sending MMS messages with Dialog Vizz is not possible, as they do not currently support it. They do offer 10mb of free data per day as long as you have at least £2 credit, however, which makes up for this somewhat.

Topping-up your phone can be done in some stores, as well as online, via text message, or by calling 263.

Customer services can be tedious, but mainly through language difficulties. We've found the Dialog Vizz's customer service staff have not been adequately trained in English.

You may need to get your phone unlocked before it will work with Dialog Vizz mobile. You can do this at shops that offer a phone unlocking service or via some websites.


Calls Texts Data MMS Voicemail 0800 0870
£0.09p £0.09p £0.15p £0.00p £0.10 £0.10 £0.25p

Dialog Vizz's prices are set at a competitive rate. While calls to mobiles are charged at 9p per minutes, calls to UK landlines are a bargain at just 4p per minute. Calls and texts to other Dialog Vizz numbers are free depending on the amount you top-up your phone with (see the deals section below for more details). Text prices are in the top 10 cheapest, but an additional bonus is that texts to other Dialog Vizz numbers are priced at 5p each. Voicemail is 10p per minute. Data charges are in the top 5, but as long as you have a least £2 credit you won't be charged anything until you go over 10mb a day. Cheap international calls from 1p per minute are an added bonus.

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