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Now Mobile is a network that focus more on the international market than the domestic market. You will, however, still find their domestic rates cheaper than a lot of other networks. They're not the greatest, but neither are they the worst. International calls are where Now Mobile stands-out, with calls to other countries starting a 1p per minute, these rates vary depending on where you're calling though.

Now Mobile run on the Orange infrastructure, so coverage is good and you shouldn't find any problems with it.

A saving of £16 can be had by making 100 minutes of calls and sending 50 texts from a Now Mobile sim as opposed to a Orange one. Not bad.

You'll find you get some premium features that the other networks don't usually give you too. Call waiting and conference calls are fully supported which is a stand-out feature.

Now Mobile's customer services are highly rates, with multilingual staff and a useful feature to top-up your phone online.


Calls Texts Data MMS Voicemail 0800 0870
£0.10p £0.10p £0.15p £0.25p £0.00 £0.10 £0.15p

10p per minute on calls is resonable, and only 4p dearer than the cheapest rates. UK landline calls are 5p per minute, which is excellent value. 10p per text is towards the higher end of the scale, being just 2p cheaper than the highest charging network. 25p for an MMS message is still 20p cheaper than the highest charging network. 0800 and 0870 number are charged a 10p and 15p respectively, not the greatest you'll find but more towards the cheaper end of the scale than the expensive. 15p per megabyte of data is reasonable. International calls start from 1p per minute, but make sure you check the rates for the country you're going to be calling as rates vary.

Bundles / Add-ons

Name Minutes Texts Data Price Description
Talk & Text 100 100 100 £5.00
100 UK minutes 
100 UK texts
100mb Internet
Talk & Text 250 2000 150 £10.00
250 UK minutes 
2000 UK texts
150mb Internet
Talk & Text 400 Unlimited 200 £15.00
400 UK minutes 
Unlimited UK texts
200mb Internet
Talk & Text 800 Unlimited 250 £20.00
800 UK minutes 
Unlimited UK texts
250mb Internet
Talk & Text 1200 Unlimited 500 £30.00
1200 UK minutes
Unlimited UK texts
500mb Internet
Talk Bundle 150 0 100 £5.00
150 UK minutes 
100mb Internet
Talk Bundle 350 0 150 £10.00
350 UK minutes 
150mb Internet
Talk Bundle 500 0 200 £15.00
500 UK minutes 
200mb Internet
Talk Bundle 900 0 400 £25.00
900 UK minutes 
400mb Internet
Web for a Day 0 0 50 £1.00

50mb data, valid for 1 day. Text +UKDATA01 to 669.

Web for a Week 0 0 140 £3.00

140mb of Data, valid for 1 week. Text +UKDATA03 to 669.

Web for a Month 0 0 500 £10.00

500mb of Data, valid for 1 month. Text +UKDATA10 to 669.


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