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iCard Mobile Review

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If you've taken a look at our Mobile Network Comparison Table you'll have noticed that iCard is right up there as the cheapest mobile network for making calls at just 6p a minute for calls to mobiles, but a surprising low 3p per minute to UK landlines and absolutely free to other iCard numbers (there's a strict Fair Usage policy attached to iCard to iCard calls, please read the Details section of the PAYG pricing section below for more details). For texts you'll find it in 2nd place at 5p per text behind Family Mobile and Talkmobile's Rewards plan which are both priced at 4p per text. Data charges are extremely cheap at 10p a megabyte, but do bear in mind that they do not include a free daily allowance like many other networks.

In terms of savings, if you were to use 120 minutes and 50 texts you'd save yourself £27 by using iCard instead of 3. That's a massive saving.

iCard is to mobile networks what Easy Jet is to the airline trade, no-frills and lacking some things you might expect. Bear this in mind, if you ever travel outside of the UK, be that on business or a holiday - roaming is not supported. In simple terms; if you leave the UK with a phone using an iCard sim, it will be of no use to you whatsoever. Likewise, you'll find yourself unable to send picture or video messages regardless of whether you're in the UK or not, as MMS is not included on their sim cards at this time. Customer services are not great, with call centres based in India and under-trained staff, it can be a bit of a fuss getting your problem sorted out.

iCard Mobile runs on the Vodafone infrastructure, so their 2G and 3G coverage is great. You may, however, need to get your phone unlocked before it will work with an iCard sim. You can get this done at a local shop offering phone unlocking services, or via some websites.

In summary; iCard is fantastically priced and will save you money, but if you travel or send media message it's probably not the right network for you.


Calls Texts Data MMS Voicemail 0800 0870
£0.06p £0.05p £0.10p £0.00p £0.06 £0.10 £0.25p

6p per minute for phone calls to other networks puts iCard firmly on top of the UK's cheapest mobile network, at 3p to landlines and free to other iCard mobiles these are the cheapest call prices you'll find in the UK at the moment. Data is 10p a megabyte, but no daily allowance is included as is the case with some of the other networks. Despite this, data charges are not going to break your bank and will still be relatively low when you get your bill. MMS is not supported, which is why the column for it in the above table is priced at 0.00. 0800 is the cheapest you'll find other than the very few networks that don't charge for these numbers at 10p per minute. Calling 0870 numbers is 25p per minute, which is actually quite high when compared to some of the other networks.

Fair Usage Policy: The iCard Fair Usage policy for iCard to iCard calls is extremely strict, limiting you to just 10 minutes per call before you will be charged at the standard rate. You must also have a least 10p credit on your phone in order to qualify for free calls.

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