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O2 Review

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Calls Texts Data MMS Voicemail 0800 0870








£1/day. 100MB limit.




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O2 are one of the major UK mobile networks, and as such their price are pretty similar, This means they are at the more expensive end as far as rates are concerned. Their Simplicity tariff offers a good value on text message and being one of the major networks their coverage is outstanding.

You won't find any unlimited data plans on O2, and you will find the the speed of data connections for Pay As You Go customers is worse than if you were a contract customer. This is because O2 throttle the data connection so speeds are lower.

Their customer services can vary, but overall seem to be helpful when needed.

O2 have a good selection of tariffs, but do in general charge more than the competition.


Calls Texts Data MMS Voicemail 0800 0870
£0.25p £0.12p £1.00p £0.25p £0.15 £0.15 £0.25p

25p per minute puts them at the expensive end of the scale, likewise 12p per text is the most expensive you'll find. £1 per day for internet is rather expensive if you're just going to be checking a few emails, but if you use a lot of data you do get 100mb for this. 0800 and 0870 numbers are 15p and 25p respectively, not the best prices but much better than the more expensive networks.

Bundles / Add-ons

Name Minutes Texts Data Price Description
O2 unlimited 0 0 0 £15.00

Top up £15  and get unlimited text and unlimited calls and texts to other O2 users.

Text and Web 0 300 500 £10.00

Top-up £10-£14 and get 300 UK texts, 500MB UK data & unlimited Wi-Fi.

Text and Web 0 500 500 £15.00

Top-up £15-£29 and get 500 UK texts, 500MB UK data & unlimited Wi-Fi.

Text & Web 0 Unlimited 500 £30.00

Top-up £30+ and get unlimited UK texts, 500MB UK data & unlimited Wi-Fi.

Simplicity 0 Unlimited 0 £7.50

Unlimited texts for just £7.50.

Simplicity 100 500 0 £10.50

100 Mins and 500 texts only £10.50.

Simplicity 300 0 0 £15.50

300 mins and unlimited text for only £15.50.


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