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Huawei Ascend G300



The Huawei G300 is a budget phone with more than budget features. Huawei is all about offering more for less, and that’s definitely something that we can see in their £100 smartphone, the Ascend G300.


Huawei have done a pleasant job with the overall design of the G300, it feels nice and sturdy in the hand, and it could easily be passed off as a much more expensive model at first sight.

The G300 is reasonably pretty from the inside too, with 512MB RAM and Huawei’s own CPU chipset; the device has a lot of raw power for such a low price.

For storage space, Huawei have loaded the Ascend G300 with 2.5GB internal storage, and offer an extra 32GB through the micro SD slot.

The screen is a 4 inch TFT display, and the G300 manages to balance out the screen brightness and the battery life pretty well. The TFT doesn’t show the most vivid of colours, but for a budget smartphone it is pretty standard.

Huawei have only included one camera on the back of the device, which will be a bit disappointing for those wanting to make video calls, but the front facing camera shoots in 5 megapixels and does a great job at capturing images. There is a flash too which helps define colours in shady areas, although images seem to lose a lot of definition in areas with a large variety of colour.


The Ascend G300 comes with a custom Gingerbread operating system, and it’s very simple to use and many of the icons have been colourfully replaced with friendly images, and there is a useful app bar at the bottom of your home screen to allow quicker access to your favourite apps. The phone does experience a little bit of lag at times, but for its price tag it isn’t all that

surprising. There are a few other aspects to provide quicker access, like a new lock screen that can direct you to different apps and power control options from the drop down menu. It feels as if the ease-of-access almost makes up for the occasional system lag and the friendly user interface would be a perfect opportunity for first time android users.

For £100, the Ascend G300 gives budget phones a new face and Huawei have done an outstanding job at fitting as much as possible in such a cheap handset.



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