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iPhone 4S



The release of the iPhone 4S was a bit of a surprise to some Apple fans; those who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 5, were instead greeted with a shinier rendition of the iPhone 4, which was released a year before.

The iPhone 4S has improved from the iPhone 4, it has fixed any problems the 4 had with reception, and has tweaked at its insides too.


One of the most pleasant things to note about the 4S is the luscious screen, it sports a 3.5 inch screen with apples ‘retinal display’ technology, and they’ve fit so many pixels on the screen that our eyes won’t even be able to process them all. Impressive.

The camera has been upgraded to 8Megapixels, opposed to the iPhone 4’s 5MP. It’s not just the Megapixels that count though, and the iPhone 4S has proved that by improving the camera’s image results by increasing the light received by each pixel by using a newly designed sensor, and has increased the camera lens size to allow more light into the camera’s field of view.

The processing power of the 4S has been doubled by using the same Dual core processor being used in the iPad 2, offering a beastly CPU. The RAM is still just 512MB but Apple has shown their devices to run just perfectly on this, and once again the iPhone 4S is no exception.

The design of the device is very similar to the iPhone 4, Apple’s classic iPhone shape is still to be seen on the 4S, and its curved edges are still accompanied by a ring of silver metal that spans the entire width of the handset.

The charger and headphone slots are located in the same space, and there isn’t really much difference on the outside, although you would be able to tell the iPhone 4 and 4S apart if you had both devices at hand.


The Apple iPhone 4S comes shipped with Apple’s iOS 5, it offers easier access to notifications, and helps you keep updated without being too intrusive on anything else you are doing on the phone.

The iPhone 4S opens up apps and browses the internet at a quick speed, although perhaps a tiny bit slower than other dual core handsets released at the time, such as the Galaxy S2.

The iPhone is definitely for those looking for a simple smartphone experience, and Apple offer that with all their devices, and still manage to add new features in without the whole user experience feeling too cluttered. One of the main selling points of the 4S’s software was Apple’s personal assistant, Siri.

Siri is there to listen to your every command and help you find what you are looking for, Siri works like a search engine ready to search your device or the internet for any question you throw at her, and she responds pretty quickly too.

The iPhone 4S runs smoothly, and with new internal upgrades the 4S offers a faster and more intuitive experience for all Apple fans and Smartphone users.


The iPhone 4S is availiable on 1088 contracts.

Listed below are the 5 cheapest contracts ordered by monthly price (use our Contract Finder to compare contracts and find a contract that suits you at the cheapest possible price):

Phone Minutes Texts Data Price (monthly) Phone Price Contract Length (months) Merchant Benefit Free Gift
iPhone 4S 64GB White 100 500 100 £18.50 £519.99 24
O2 logo
iPhone 4S 64GB Black 100 500 100 £18.50 £519.99 24
O2 logo
iPhone 4S 32GB White 100 500 100 £18.50 £399.99 24
O2 logo
iPhone 4S 32GB Black 100 500 100 £18.50 £399.99 24
O2 logo
iPhone 4S 16GB White 100 500 100 £18.50 £299.99 24
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