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San Francisco



The ZTE Blade was popular all over the globe and was released under different names under different regions, in the UK; it was named the San Francisco and was branded by Orange.

The ZTE Blade is most renowned for its ease to be unlocked and install custom ROMs onto the device.


The ZTE Blade is a budget phone, so its specs aren’t wonderfully appealing, but at its cheap price it is a landmark for handsets at the lower end of the market.

It has a 600MHz processor and 512MB of RAM, it’s very poor in the eyes devices like the Galaxy S2 or the iPhone 4 released around the same time, but it is enough of an offering to run the android system without many issues.

The camera is 3.2 Megapixels, and works terribly under low light, without any form of flash it can be hard to capture a decent image and it’s hard to keep the camera from shaking while recording. The camera does work though, and it’s not expected to be as good as high end devices.

There were two releases of the Orange San Francisco, one with an LCD screen, and one with an AMOLED screen, and there was debate over which screen is better, although many preferred the AMOLED screen, which offered richer and more photorealistic colours.

The screen is 3.5 inches and offers a lot for its price range.

The internal storage is a small 150MB, but the ZTE Blade can have up to an extra 32GB of storage space from a micro SD card.


The ZTE Blade comes shipped with Android 2.1, but is upgradeable to 2.2. Browsing through the menus on the Blade works well, and it’s only occasionally that you’ll see any frame lag, but you are likely to see it when switching from landscape to portrait mode, or loading up a large application. The Orange version of the device, the San Francisco, comes preinstalled with their Orange UI and there was a lot of anger at Orange as its UI overlay felt intrusive on the device and left the handset feeling sluggish.

Luckily that’s where Android communities came in, and there was a large community around the ZTE Blade, hundreds of users of the device help contribute to developing, testing and designing custom ROMs to be used on the handset, and now over a year after its release, there are plenty of ROMs to be tried and thanks to these communities the ZTE Blade has become a very popular handset.


The San Francisco is availiable on 132 contracts.

Listed below are the 5 cheapest contracts ordered by monthly price (use our Contract Finder to compare contracts and find a contract that suits you at the cheapest possible price):

Phone Minutes Texts Data Price (monthly) Phone Price Contract Length (months) Merchant Benefit Free Gift
San Francisco II from Orange 30 500 100 £10.50 £FREE 24
Orange logo
San Francisco II from Orange black 30 500 100 £10.50 £FREE 24
Orange logo
San Francisco from Orange in grey 30 500 100 £10.50 £FREE 24
Orange logo
San Francisco from Orange in grey 100 500 0 £10.50 £FREE 24
Orange logo
San Francisco II from Orange black 100 500 0 £10.50 £FREE 24
Orange logo



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