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Best Selling Mobiles

Here you will find the best selling mobile phones from the past few years to the present, have a look and see if our best mobile phone is in the list.. Please note there are estimates and the "?" are not complete yet but they are in place where they are reported to be.




Samsung Galaxy SIII, 46 million sold

Samsung Galaxy Note II, over 8 million sold

Apple iPhone 4, 7.6 million sold

Apple iPhone 4S, 7.5 million sold

Apple iPhone 5, 52.3 million sold



iPhone 4S, 30 million sold

Samsung Galaxy Y,15 million sold

HTC Thunderbolt, 15 million sold

HTC Evo 4G, 14 million sold

Motorola Droid Bionic, 13 million sold

Samsung Infuse, 9 million sold

ZTE Blade, 8 million sold



Apple iPhone 4, 28+ million sold

Samsung Galaxy S, 20 million sold

Samsung S5620 Monte, 7 million sold

Nokia N8, 6 million sold

Motorola Milestone/Droid, 2 million sold

Samsung Wave (S8500), 2 million sold

   (sourced from wikipedia)


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